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3 July
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wanna see me disco?

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i saw a girl in the mirror who looked just like me, so i took a picture.

Gwen is sex love.

By w00tlikewoah
311, abercrombie and fitch, ac/dc, action action, aiden, aim, alcohol, amanda, american eagle, andrea, angela, ariella, armor for sleep, baby, backstreet boys, bands, bayside, beach, better then ezra, billabong, blink 182, blonde, boys, britney spears perfume, burberry, cake, california, candles, cell phones, cheetah girls, clothes, coach, cocaine, coffee, concerts, cookies, dancing, degrassi, dogs, donata, drugs, drums, dylan, eisley, emo, eyeliner, finger eleven, fm static, gay, gazooks, glasses, green, greenday, groupies, gum, gwen stefani, hamsters, harajuku girls, hardcore, hilary duff, hollister, hot hot heat, illy, internet, jake, jen, johnny rockets, joss stone, kara, kelly clarkson, kim, lamb, lee tran, lesbian, less then jake, lil jon, lindsay lohan, louis vuitton, love, madonna, magazines, makeup, marykate and ashley, matchbook romance, mean girls, melissa, money, movies, music, musicals, my friends, myspace, new york, new york city, no doubt, oldies, pacsun, panic! at the disco, partys, peanut butter, people in bands, pink, powerbars, prada, prehymo, prep, purses, rap, red hot chili peppers, rent, rock, roxy, samantha, scene, sex, sex hair, shoes, shopping, silverstein, slipknot, spitalfield, story of the year, straylight run, studs, sugar, sugarcult, sunglasses, system of a down, taco bell, taking back sunday, the audition, the black maria, the forcast, the junior varsity, the offspring, the postal service, the white stripes, toby keith, torie, unwritten law, usher, von dutch, weed, x, you, zach, zero 7

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